Friday, 27 November 2009

Egypt creative process

This is the image before I change the background and added the sun.

I felt this background was to sharp and your vision detracts from the figure. I also feel it looks like a cardboard cut out which is not the look I want.

This is the final image ready for After Effects I would have liked some sort of background but I couldn't find one which was well suited. Therefore scrapped the background . The image looks strong and I believe the sun looks as if it is glowing. However I had problems with the black background the colour kept on leaking into my image , so my whole image would drop a tone darker. I couldn't resolve this issue and had to leave it in the end.

Creative process

  • used photoshop to colour and layer selected parts
  • coloured the body to reflect the marble style of the original figure
  • layered the eye seperate so it could move
  • layered the sun seperately so I could add a glow effect
  • highlighted areas to enhance light and dark
After Effects

  • keyed in the scale tool created motion path
  • set desired motion path
  • made the eyes move
  • added glow to the sun
  • added ripple effect to sun
  • used colour correction to enhance image
  • used pre-set font
  • duration 12 seconds

  • added soundtrack
  • duration 12 seconds

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