Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Egyptian Ident

I thought Egypt would be a good culture to include in my project , millions of people are fascinated with Egyptian art work and architecture , it is also by far the most popular part of the British Museum and brings in the largest amount of tourism compared to the other sections. I came up with the idea of an Egyptian God holding a sun then the camera would pan up slowly from his feet to his face then zoom into the sun and the writing The British Museum would appear in the sun.

Like most of my ideas , I have the idea firstly in my mind then start problem solving to figure out how i'm going to do it. Since I have been interested in Ancient cultures for along time a lot of the ideas come naturally.

I will begin by collecting some images to help aid my work.

This is the traditional Egyptian style artwork of the God Anubis , I wanted to use him as a character simply because he looks powerful and is well know out of the hundreds of Egyptian Gods.

This is a modern sculpture of the same God I would like to combine the more muscular feel of this one with the traditional image.

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