Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Ident 1 Aztec Mask

I looked back over my original research into Idents and watched Apocalypto , which is a film about Mayan culture, Although my mask is Aztec in origin both cultures are similar therefore the film is very relevant to my ident.

Go back to my research into to Idents to view these videos.

This image was for the idea where the audience would travel through the eye of the mask to be transported in to a mayan / Aztec world.

These two images are also from the film Apocalypto , and reveal ancient Mayan life and culture.

I worked all day to color and draw this mask. I worked by using a drawing tablet , I worked with various layers until the mask began to look 3.D. I worked free hand and the mask is not perfectly symmetrical but I feel this is suited to a mask which would have been carved.

I then highlighted certain parts of the mask to mimic the mosaic effect of the original mask. It also gave the mask a mystical quality.

I then used the original mask and merged it with my own , this gave it a realistic texture. The texture vastly improved the overall look. I could have used the photo but I think combining digital art with a texture made the mask stand out.

This was the completed photoshop image . It was now ready to take into after effects. Often with my ideas I have a general idea how I want my Ident to look and feel, I then work demonstrating the creative steps. I wanted the background to be black as I imagine the mask to be faint and the clear as it comes closer to the screen.

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