Sunday, 18 October 2009

Reading The Brief

Brief B: Animation
Source: Nicola Freeman
Commissioning Editor -- National Gallery Publications

“We need some Idents done for the British Museum, maybe your students could come up with some ideas for us? We need three clips between five and ten second clips that we can play before during and after our presentations to reinforce The British Museum’s identity. They can use the gallery’s logo, they can use images from the gallery’s collection, and they can use current or future exhibitions as a theme. Such as the current Aztec exhibition.

It would be great if they came up with a range of ideas… I would like to see three or for Idents , I don’t know the first thing about computers? A storyboard for each as well as some explanation of why they have taken that approach would be excellent support for their actual animations. I suppose they’re going to have to do a little bit of research into the museum and what we’re about to really come up with something useful…”

• Do some research into the National Gallery
Storyboard, explain, and produce three to for segments of animation to reinforce the identity of The British Museum.

The Brief

Before I begin my project I think it will be a good idea to explain how I takled the brief.
I downloaded evernote which is a free programme which helps me to stay organized as i often find it a challnge to stay organized. I wrote up a seven week plan on evernote to help me to stay on track.

The Brief then asks two questions, regarding ways in which I will aproach the project. out of the four possible paths I decided to chose 2.D conceptualization. This will give me a chance to be creative and pursue something that I am interested in.

I have deicided to use one of the Brief's formulated by the industry , yet make some minor changes. Instead of choosing the National gallery I will chose The British Museum and isntead of creating 6 five second clips I will create three ten to five second indents. This will give me the chace to vary my idents as many Idents in the indusrty range from five seconds , ten seconds and beyond.

The main reason for chosing this project rather then the others is down to the amount of freedom that I am given. The other briefs are more sructured and you have to follow a certain path. I love ancient cultures and have a deep fascination with Asian and tribal traditions. This will help me when it comes to ideas as I wont spend ages trying to think what to do as my ideas should come naturally. Over the years I have watched many documentaries , films about remote and ancient cultures. I also travelled around Asia in my gap year which deepened my interest even more.

I will try to fufill the brief and produce storyboard for each of my idents. As stated my idents will reinforce the identity of the Museum.


Indents are visual representations of a company, a way of branding them selves. Television Indents have to fit in with the style of the company for example, E4 Idents are playful since the audience range between teenagers and young adults, while BBC's Idents are more mature reflecting their audience.

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