Thursday, 29 October 2009

Formative Feedback

After the formative, it is clear that I have done enough research and development into my ideas.

  • Research
  • Development of Idea
  • method of production
  • Story boards

After the formative I have come to a decision to focus of the mask idea, my tutor and my piers agreed this was the idea which had the most potential. It is also more realitsic then some of my early ideas, time is a constant worry so I have to be practical in my means of production. I also am slightly behind on the practical side of the project. I should have already started animating and selecting the software that I am going to use. The spent to much time on my research and may have got a bit caried away.

I will use Photp shop, Maya , Z Brush, After Effects and Premier to edit and create my idents.

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