Monday, 19 October 2009

Ideas Rough Sketches

I think it would be interesting if I could create a stopmotion effect, this would appeal more to children . I can imagine someone sitting and looking the egyptian painting , then the eyes could move and the whole painting will be animated grabbing the woman and pulling them into there world. The person could then be also animated in the iconic Egyptian style art work.

I copied a photo that I took at the museum , of two chinese men fighting . The two figures are practicing Kung Fu . I would like to keep the statues in the exact same positions but suddenly throw in a back drop of a chinese setting, such as green mountains and temples the scene would depict something of a peacful nature . I would animate the characters using 2 d software , then make them fight one another. The characters will then go back into the original position and I may use the same slogan 'The British Museum where history comes to life'.

This is also similar to the my other ideas, in this one I would like the Aztec mask to fade out into a modern south Americana's face. The editing will be subtle and I will use after effects again. This time I would like the slogan to read ' Know your your history know your self'. I came up with this idea, when I thought about how there is a lack of interest with the young and there history. This slogan is to help make young people more interested in the British Museum making them aware that people descended from these ancient people and that all history is deeply rooted in modern society.

This is a continuation of my previous idea , to do with the Aztec mask . This time the camera would pan in a lot faster and the eyes would be the main focus rather then the whole mask. Music and sound effects would still play an important part in the animation. instead of the camera slowing panning in , would like it to snap from shot to shot then suddenly snapping to the eyes. The eyes would then appear large covering most of the screen. Inside the eyes I would like to create an Aztec world, such as Huge Pyramids , an impressive sky and a general scence of grandeur. I would like to animate this in after effects. The Mayan scene would also be a digital piece of artwork drawn in photoshop. The digital piece of artwork will look impressive and hopefully immerse the audience into an ancient word. I would also have the same slogan again 'The British Museum where history comes to life'.

Another contiuation, this time eyes would open up to reveal a life like quality showing the mask coming to life.

After taking a photo from the Japanese section, I thought it would be interesting if the Samurai Armour could turn around as if it suddenly came alive. The short animation could have a slogan at the end 'The British Museum, where History comes to life'. Most of the people who visit the museum are tourists or older people, I didn't see any children. My only concern over this idea is that it may be scary for children, however due to the age of the audience it may not be a problem. I would like to use Maya to animate this, as I need to practice more with the software and this would be a good opportunity.

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  1. Cool concepts! Nice to see someone else doing the idents too!