Thursday, 22 October 2009

Research video Idents

An Ident has to represent the company in a short period of time , DreamWorks Ident does exactly that and is very memorable due to its unique style. Color, music and design all combine in order to project a sense of what the company is about . Dreamworks also uses the Harp Instrument which immediately makes you think of a dream or childhood fairy tale.

I decided to use the DreamWorks Ident again , yet this time for The film gladiator . I posted this video to demonstrate how powerful music is for creating a different type of feel. This music is ominous and dark because Gladiator is a serious type of film so it therefore has to represent what the film is like.

I wanted to use this as an example to show how music and sound will help direct my Ident.

The Bungie Logo has been made famous from its popular Halo franchise. The Logo is simple yet very memorable due to its iconic guitar sound . The bacteria looks impressive in the way in which it transforms into the earth, Bungie could be trying to symbolize the idea that they create Showing that they are inventive. Bungie often creates games which are slightly mythical and are highly imaginative. There games have a degree of realism which the audience can relate to such as realistic weapons and vehicles. However they also create worlds of fantasy, such as alien planets. The Bungie logo is often accompanied by the famous Gregorian style church chant, this then suddenly makes the ident unique to Bungie and as soon as the audience hears this we know it is a halo game. The church style sound represents that Bungie wants to be different from its competitors such as call of duty and other FPS . When I am making my ident for the British museum , i will also have to consider something that is iconic to the British museum. Simplicity is the key , since every Ident that i can remember are the simple ones e.g. Pixar , Dreamworks, Bungie and E4 .

The DC comic Ident is simple but very stylized , using after effect I will attempt to add some style to my Idents so they have a polished and professional feel like this one. The bats in this Ident could be symbolic of the companies most famous heroes batman.

The Disney Ident represents the magic kingdom, therefore it is stating Disney equals magic. The message is simple and clear. This does not however state all Walt Disney films are about magic it's stating that all Disney films have the quality of magic in the way that they are made.

This Chanel 4 ident is set in Tokyo , I'm struggling to see how I could use this for inspiration for the British Museum. The concept could be a way of introducing the young generation with there past. Manga is so popular amongst Japan and now the west. I would like to somehow merge the two.

I think these types of Idents are extremely effective , the large expanse of land , brings the viewer away from confinement its almost like a refreshing breather from hectic television. However I think it would to time consuming to create something like this for my project.

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