Sunday, 25 October 2009


Now that I have researched into existing Idents , I will now research into films or documentaries which I feel will inspire me. The type of media that I will look at will be relivent to the British Museum , it will either be on Ancient culture or anything to do with history.

This Documentary series Wild China is full of beautiful scenery , cultural gems and natural wonders . I am very likely to use a Chinese artifact for one of my Idents and would want to focus on China's bright and colorful ancient history.

I decided to use this clip as I can picture a ornament of a Chinese boat , the camera could pan in and a small animation of Chinese fisherman could appear accompanied by tranquil music the animation would come to a stop and transform back in to the Chinese ornament. A slogan could then read 'A thousand years of history in a single visit', 'The British Museum'.

I decided to use Baraka as one of my sources of Inspiration due to its shire creative scope . Baraka took thirteen months to make and was filmed in 24 countries, the team went around the world three times, the film contains no narrative or subtitles. The Director states "it's not about why you are there it's about whats there" This film is therefore about simply appreciating culture and the planet, I can relate this to The British Museum which should also be about appreciating what is around you. Braka is a film about history nature and social situations , the British Museum is also about all these things. Director Ron Fricke/Cinematographer believes that we are connected to everything, I feel this is relevant to the Museum since everything which is now has its roots in history.

This trailer fills my imagination with ideas, I want to try and capture this sense of escape, I want my idents to take the audience into a new world for a brief period of time.

I could use certain camera shots and techniques to make an Ident from a collection of photos .

I love the vivid colors and sense of fantasy in these animations.They also make a lot of references to mythology which is well suited to The British Museum.

I think this animation would be prefect for a tribal piece of art work. A Native American dream could start to animate in the flip book style. (Cave Paintings )

One of my ideas was to do with the Aztec civilization, which you can see in my sketches section in my blog. This video inspired me and gave me ideas to the type of sound and atmosphere that I would like in my Ident. I also think it is very effective the way the camera pans into the forest.

If you skip forward to 1:27 in this video there is a scene of the Aztec Kingdom this would be perfect for my other idea where the camera zooms into the eyes to reveal an ancient world.

This film Mongol tells the story how a boy rises to become the great GENGHIS KHAN who ruled the largest empire in history to this day. The film is rich with cultural heritage and I could use the film for Mongolian artefactual from the British Museum.

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