Sunday, 18 October 2009

Research (BBC)

Idents from the beginning

I went into the BBC website and found out more about the history of Idents

Before Idents companies used logos’ to identify them selves and still do.

Idents came about as technology advanced and gave designers a chance to be creative.

The only part which moved was a small globe in the middle.


1963 the globe was now an established symbol for the BBC. The globe would spin and the Indent was shown in-between shows

In 1997 BBC’s idents went under some huge changes , the way in which the company advertised them selves were far more artistic, and the thinking behind the Idents were more elaborate

A number of hot air balloons were filmed in different locations around the UK.

The idea behind these new idents conveyed the message that BBC was both a national and local broadcasting company.

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